About The Mapua Country Store

The Mapua Country Store concept is drawn from the traditional general store of our earlier generations and is based upon providing a wide range of quality, fresh food and beverage items within the local area and further afield - served with exceptional good old fashioned friendly service.  Kirsten has always been a great advocate of the local artisans who work hard to grow, produce and market quality food and beverage from the land.  She supports local farmer’s markets in the area and loves providing another outlet for producers to offer their wares, so locals are able to purchase and enjoy quality seasonal products from the region all year round. 

The values behind the Mapua Country Store include supporting and collaborating with local producers and the local community.

Being environmentally conscientious and sustainable where possible including reducing the use of plastics and offering alternatives such as boxes, Borrow a Bag, and the Mapua Country Store Jute Bag, available in store for purchase.

Putting the customer at the centre of the Mapua Country Store experience is the essence of the traditional general store feel Kirsten and her team pride themselves on offering and keeping as the most important value the store offers.

Available in store are a great selective range of fresh, seasonal products including fruit and vegetables hand-selected daily by Tim.

Flowers, honey, olive oils, meats, deli items, fresh bread and daily baked goods, cheese, dairy, and a handful of artisan products sourced from Golden Bay through to Nelson and NZ, quality pet food and so much more. You have to see it to believe it. 

The Mapua Country Store also hosts in store tastings, especially focusing on bringing the community together under one roof filled with great food and products to choose from, filled with laughter, recipes and everyone sharing their food experiences.

And to make the experience even more worthwhile and easy for you, the customer, there are bike racks for the bikers, a dog station to tie your pooch up at and always something for the kids to look at and taste if Tim’s in store. So pop on in and see the team, say "hi" and let us help create your next meal.